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Dining Room

How to buy a dining room set

There are lots of different dining table sets, what one is perfect for your dining area? Firstly make sure it has enough space and seating for its intended use, for some areas this might be a four seater round table, or a longer eight seater with a bench. You might want a regular height table or a counter height table for a more casual feel. Here is a visual comparison. Also, dont overcrowd your table, make sure people can sit comfortably without touching elbows and can move easily. Sometimes, for small spaces round tables can be a good fit. They can fit into tight corners and have no sharp corner jutting out into the room. Rectangular tables can work better for larger groups or long rooms. Also, a leaf can make a table expand for guests on short notice. We have what we consider the best dining room sets on display at our orange county furniture warehouse to choose from. Hope to see you soon