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Chest of Drawers

How to buy a Chest of Drawers - Orange County’s Furniture Warehouse

Buying a bedroom chest of drawers can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you consider the amount of materials and styles to choose from. First, define what you are looking for. Sites like Pinterest can be great place to get an overall idea of what you want and how it will match your room. If you do get an idea, make sure to bring in the example on your phone or photo. Chest of drawers are different from dressers, as dressers are normally waist-high and hold a mirror on top. A chest of drawers is vertical more than horizontal and are good for rooms who have more vertical space than floor footprint space. They can work well in more compact areas. However, they are also excellent in just adding more storage space to your room, as most bedroom sets include one. A chest of drawers can be a key element to your bedroom look. Before you buy a bedroom chest of drawers, get an idea of what look you are going for and measure the area to make sure your chosen chest of drawers will fit. Make sure it will not block a window with its height. Also, make sure the drawers are deep enough to hold your clothes as not all drawers have the same depth. It also makes sense to match the chest of drawers with the dresser, most bedroom sets have both. Better chest of drawers have metal ball bearing glides. An even higher-end chest of drawers might have wood on wood glides and center rail support. If you already have an idea of what you want then the last step is to view some of our chest of drawers yourself. We have some of our best selling chest of drawers on the floor for you to look at. There are many options and styles. We hope these quick tips have given you a couple ideas, our sales staff can also help. We hope to see you soon! - Furnishing America

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