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How to buy a nightstand

How high? How low? What look and how many? These are good starter questions when thinking about nightstands. Should they match the bed, should they match each other? Most of the time, the perfect height is the height of the top of your mattress. If you like to read in bed, make sure the bottom of the lamp is at the right height, so it lights the reading material. For a small space, a narrow metal table might be a good choice. Tables can be cut from wood, or any other material to match the mood of the room. Do they have to match? The nighstands dont even have to match, but they should match the same theme. What about using nesting tables? These can work to, as well as accent tables. We have what we consider the best nightstands for the price on display in our orange county warehouse showroom to choose from. Hope to see you soon.