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Dining Tables

How to buy a Dining Table - Orange County’s Furniture Warehouse

There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables, buying one can be a bit overwhelming. Use these tips to get you started in the right direction. First what look are you going for and how will it match your current space? Sites like Pinterest can be a good resource to get dining area ideas. After you have a master plan of a look and feel you are aiming for, consider the table size. Measure the space you have to work with to allow your family to sit and get up easily from their seats. Account for enough room between the dining table and the walls. You can put some other furniture temporarily in the spot to try and visualize your future dining table’s footprint. After figuring out your available footprint, you have a good starting point to build on. How many people need to be seated on a normal night or breakfast? Each person needs about two feet of eating space. What about the dining table configuration? Round tables can be great for small spaces, as they are easy to get around. If the dining table is large enough to fit everyone, they can be a great option. Lazy susans also work well on round dining tables, and can be a convenient space saver. Also consider that a pedestal base on a round dining table allows for more seating because the legs don't get in the way as much. Round dining tables are great for small spaces, but they are not ideal for larger parties. For large parties, rectangle dining tables work better. Rectangles work better in longer rooms, similar to a traditional dining room. The longer room leaves enough space for traffic to flow around the table. When seating many people around a rectangle dining table, or if you have young kids, consider a bench on one side of the table. Benches are easier to get on and off, and can be pushed under the dining table when not in use. Square dining tables are great if you don't need to seat a larger party, and makes a more intimate experience. If the square table has a leaf, you can get the best of both worlds, as it can expand to a rectangle when guests are over. The last step is to try the tables out. We have many of our best selling dining tables on the floor for you to try out. There are many options and styles. We hope these quick tips have given you a couple ideas, our sales staff can also help. We hope to see you soon! - Furnishing America

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