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Kids Room

How to buy a kids bed

For a kids bed there are multiple things to consider including safety and a look / style your child will enjoy. Durable construction is a must, even though all kids a different, the odds of them jumping on the bed at one point is high. They bed must bed solid wood and a bunky board under the mattress is highly recommended for additional safety. Round edges are also a plus. The size of the bed can be determined by the age / preference of the child. If there are corner posts, make sure they are not more than an inch above the headboard or footboard. If you are buying a new mattress, make sure it fits the bed and is the right size. Race car beds and princess beds can allow your kids to be a kid and can work great if they are safe as well. We have what we consider the best kids beds for the price on display at our orange county furniture warehouse to choose from. Hope to see you soon.