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Bunk Beds

How to Buy a Bunk Bed - Orange County’s Furniture Warehouse

Buying a bunk bed can be overwhelming, there are many designs, materials and configurations to choose from. Here are some tips to make the process a bit easier. First, define what you are looking for. If your starting from scratch, sites like Pinterest can be great to get an overall idea of the bunk bed configuration you are looking for. Not only that, you can match your current furniture or come up with a look for the whole kid's room. Bunk beds are practical and fun ways to sleep two kids in one room. Even if there is just one, a bunk bed can be a great solution as many kids would prefer a bunk bed to a regular bed. As an overview, when choosing a bunk bed typically there are three sizes. Since bunk are typically for young kids, most bunk beds are twin over twin. However they also come twin over full and even full over full. They are also made in a full over queen but this is unusual. Bunk beds are usually stacked, but can also come in a T arrangement where one bed is perpendicular to the other. This does not save as much space, but beds like these can incorporate a study desk and storage, so they are still a good space saving option. View an T shape bunk bed example. For the ultimate in space saving, some bunk beds can store an extra roll away bed underneath. This is a great option to sleep three or a guest. Not only this, many times the bottom mattress in the roll away can be removed, leaving this area for storage if the roll out bed is not currently needed. View a roll-out bunk bed example. For smaller kids consider a ladder that is really easy to climb, or even a staircase. These are a little more pricey, but in the middle of the night this can be a great asset for someone trying to go to the bathroom in the dark. However, most kids get skilled with their ladder (from all the fun during the day) so this might not be necessary. Most staircases have built in storage, so that is something to consider. See a bunk bed staircase example here. Either way its a good idea to have the oldest on top for safety reasons. Also for safety reasons make sure the bunk bed is solid and stable. A bunk bed is not one of the places to try to cut unnecessary corners. Stairs should be solid and stable no matter what arrangement they are in. Ideally the ladder should be fixed to the bed, and not floating. Floating ladders are not as stable and take up more room space. Furthermore, the top stairs should be fixed and solid, when testing the bed, make sure the top rails are connected to at least one side of the bed and feel stable. After you have an idea generally of what you want, the next step is to try some bunk beds out. We have some of our best selling bunk beds on the floor for you to try out. However, be aware, for obvious reasons, there is a difference between trying out a bunk bed suppervised with the kids and the kids running wild and climbing up the beds unsupervised. This is not allowed. We have the best selling bunk beds on the floor, so come out and check their stability and options for yourself. Out sales staff can also help. We hope to see you soon! - Furnishing America

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