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How to buy a Recliner - Orange County’s Furniture Warehouse

More than just a chair, there are a few options to consider when choosing a recliner. Traditionally, recliners have had a back that reclines when you lean back and extends a footrest with a lever. Today there are even more options. Power recliners offer all this at a push of a button. They can be good if you have mobility issues. Rocker recliners combine this with the rocking movement of the chair. This can be a popular option for both the living room and nursery. Massage Recliners add the advantage of a mechanical massage which can even include heating. This can relieve aches and pains. Another option is large recliners, oversize recliners can be a great option to curl up on or stretching out in a bigger, more plush version of a normal recliner. Lastly, consider reclining furniture, where the entire sofa reclines. This is great for 2 or even 3 to recline at once and enjoy their favorite entertainment. Consider the fabric, if it might get spills, consider something like a leather, bonded leather or long lasting darker material. Pinterest can be a good source to get recliner ideas. The last step is to try it out. We have many of our best selling recliners on the floor for you to try out, our sales staff can also help. We hope to see you soon! - Furnishing America

Furnishing America is a furniture store centrally located in Orange County Ca, on the border of Irvine and Santa Ana, in the South Coast Plaza Metro Area at the 405 / 55 interchange.

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