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Sectional Sofas

How to buy a Sectional Sofa - Orange County’s Furniture Warehouse

Buying something as permanent as a sectional sofa can seem overwhelming, take these quick tips to make the process a bit easier. First, define what you are looking for. Sofas and sectional sofas come in many different fabrics and shapes. Where will this fit in the room? What are the current furniture pieces and colors that already exist. Try to get something that matches. Also consider, is this is a long term investment or is this a ‘fill a need’ for a short time period. This will determine the price range you are looking for. Pinterest can also be helpful to get an idea on colors / styles for a starting point. Also, consider how many people the couch will need to accommodate. A larger sectional sofa is great for multiple people. When buying a sectional sofa you will hear the terms RAF or LAF right away. RAF stands for “Right Arm Facing” meaning that when you are standing in front of the sectional and facing it, the chaise is on your right hand side. LAF means the same just for the left arm facing, or when you are facing the sectional sofa from the front the chaise element is on your left. This is important, because depending on your room configuration, One of these configurations will work perfect, whereas the other might not. View an example here. One mistake people make is they go sofa shopping without pre-measuring. Unlike a most furniture, a sectional sofa is so large that one must have an idea of the space they have to work with before starting. The last thing you want is to fall in-love with a sectional at the store and find out later its too large. Even worse if buying the sectional sofa then finding out at the delivery its too large. This can be a very expensive mistake. Another thing to consider is the sectional sofa is often centered on a TV area. Make sure everyone has a comfortable viewing angle. The last step is to try some sectionals out. We have some of our best selling sectional sofas on the floor for you to try out. There are many options, styles and fabrics to choose from. We hope these quick tips have given you a couple ideas, our sales staff can also help. We hope to see you soon! - Furnishing America

Furnishing America is a furniture store centrally located in Orange County Ca, on the border of Irvine and Santa Ana, in the South Coast Plaza Metro Area at the 405 / 55 interchange.

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