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How to buy a sofa

A sofa is one of the most important furniture investments you’ll make, a visual and functional centerpiece. If you have just moved, or upgrading a current sofa, a new sofa can give your living room a relaxed, comfortable feeling. If your interior is more traditional, consider a sofa with rolled arms. For a more contemporary look consider a sofa with clean lines. Since you are making a long term investment, make sure the depth of the sofa is correct and it feels comfortable when seated. A good way to get the perfect sofa is to get it made custom and we have many frames and styles to choose from. In most circumstances you will get a better built couch if you get it custom made vs a pre-made solution, and you will most likely get just what you need, allowing the sofa to last longer as a good investment. However, the best way to choose the perfect sofa is to sit on them yourself. We have what we consider the best sofas for the price on display in our orange county warehouse showroom to choose from. Hope to see you soon.