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How to buy a mattress

Firstly you want a mattress that fits your needs. Is this for a guest bedroom or an investment that you will be spending a considerable amount of time on for years to come? Let's go over the different types. There is an innerspring mattress, they have coils that move as you move and can range from soft to super firm. Some people prefer a firmer mattress, one rule of thumb is, if you are heavier, the firmer the mattress should be to offset the weight. Another way to gauge is by slipping your hand under the small of your back, if there is a gap, the mattress might be too firm, if its too hard to get your hand underneath, the mattress might be too soft. Another good way to judge is to lay on the mattress, even to adjust your sleeping position. How does it feel, how does it compare to the mattress you currently use? Another popular option is memory foam. A memory foam mattresses forms to the contours of the body to eliminate pressure points. This can result in a great sleep experience or one which is sub-par depending on your preferences. Go ahead and lay down on the mattress to get a feel of it. Some people find memory foam restrictive because of its contour hugging property, so make sure to try it out. Also, some memory foam options have a gel on the very top layer, to keep the mattress cooler and to put some space between the body and the foam. We have what we consider the best mattresses for the price on display at our orange county furniture warehouse to choose from. Hope to see you soon.