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Accent Chairs

How to buy an Accent Chair - Orange County’s Furniture Warehouse

Buying something like accent chairs can feel overwhelming. There are many different combinations of shapes, sizes, fabrics, materials, and prices. A well chosen accent chair can complete the design of any room. You should also think about the look and feel of the room the accent is going into. A small room may be able to accommodate only one accent chair, while a large room may look best with multiple chairs. A good accent chair should complement and finish the style of your present furniture. Observe the current room decor, take note of present color. You should be able to highlight different parts of the room or different pieces in the room with the right accent chair. A good chair should complement the other furnishings. Pinterest can be helpful to get an idea on colors / styles for a starting point. If you do find your perfect match bring the picture (phone or photo) into the OC furniture warehouse, we can help match what you are looking for. Also, choose the location for the accent chairs and note how much room you have, or how large the chairs can be. You can put another chair in the spot to get a feel of spacing. Next is find a your budget. Decide on a price range. This will help to cut down the number of recliners and accent chairs which are options. The last step is to try it out. We have some of our best selling accents on the floor for you to try out. We hope these quick tips have given you a couple ideas on how to get a great accent chair, our sales staff can also help. We hope to see you soon! - Furnishing America

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